The WAPPS-Hemo (Web-Accessible Population Pharmacokinetic Service—Hemophilia) project, a website dedicated to the use of PopPK (population pharmacokinetics) applied to the personalisation of prophylactic therapy for the treatment of haemophilia, is now in its fourth year of operation.

The portal addresses both doctors and patients and contains the world’s most extensive pharmacokinetics database regarding the various factor VIII concentrates on the market; it allows doctors to devise a rapid and accurate personalised prophylactic programme based on the pharmacokinetic profile of each patient.

WAPPS-Hemo also aims to promote patient awareness and involvement in the management of their illness.  The website provides each patient with an interactive chart showing the forecast factor VIII level trends at each infusion, according to their prophylaxis programme. This allows patients to consciously plan those activities presenting the greatest risk of bleeding to coincide with peak factor VIII activity, or to adjust the time of their infusions to guarantee adequate coverage for special events, such as when they are travelling.

Once they have received their personalised prophylaxis programme, patients can also download the myWAPPS app to their cell phone, to receive a reminder every time they are due for an infusion, to monitor their factor VIII levels in real time in line with the infusions they have had and to receive notifications when the level of protection drops below a critical threshold.



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A protein belonging to the clotting factor category, a group of enzymes involved in the blood-clotting process.

It is encoded by a gene on the long arm of the X chromosome.

Factor VIII is also known as anti-haemophilic factor (AHF).

Trattamento profilattico a base di fattore VIII sostitutivo iniziato in seguito alla comparsa di patologie articolari documentate.