The matter of patent engagement formed one of the focuses of the event held in Trieste on the 27th and 28th June, with the title  “Haemophilia: the certainty of treatment”. This concept refers to an active involvement of patients in their treatment programme, with a consequent improvement in the individual’s self-sufficiency with regard to the management of his/her lifestyle.

Patient empowerment is taking on ever-greater importance in the treatment of haemophilia, due, in particular, to the improvements achieved in recent years with regard to treatment efficacy and personalisation.


In connection with this, the KOALA project was unveiled by Dr Cristina Santoro, a haematologist who works at Rome’s Centro Emofilia, during her presentation at the recent event in Trieste.

The aim of the KOALA project is to foster the awareness and self-sufficiency of patients with haemophilia and to offer a number of services, including a novel remote support service, whose function is to provide haemophiliacs with useful information on their condition and its optimum management. The aspects dealt with as part of this remote support also include helpful hints of a purely practical nature regarding exercising, diet and weight management, the measures to be taken when travelling, the rights of patients with haemophilia and patient advocacy group membership.

The remote support service also facilitates doctor-patient communication, allowing the patient to report any difficulties encountered in treatment compliance and to ask for a treatment regimen that is better suited to his/her needs.


This initiative is part of a winning strategy, in which cooperation between doctor and patient fosters the development of increasingly safe and “made-to-measure” therapies and a scenario in which patients with haemophilia are no longer forced to allow their condition to rule their lives.



The “Haemophilia: the certainty of treatment” event – 27-28 June, Trieste.

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