Trieste 2019

Hemophilia care: building confidence

The haemophiliac patient will provide the focus for the event to be held in Trieste on 27 and 28 June 2019, titled “Hemophilia care: building confidence”, which will deal with important topics like replacement therapy, personalisation and access to treatment.

The event will involve the participation of some of the most eminent Haematology experts in Italy and worldwide, who will present the most recent updates on prophylactic therapy applied to the management of haemophilia, in addition to a number of testimonies giving space to patients and their experiences and needs.


Special attention will be given to the crucial role played by factor VIII in the treatment of patients with type A haemophilia, and the most novels strategies for dealing with what still represents one of the greatest challenges in the treatment of haemophilia: the development of inhibitors.

A whole session of the event will be dedicated to plasma-derived concentrates, regarding which donors, and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry and the Italian National Health Service will voice their opinions, dealing with the issue from different standpoints.

Other particularly interesting topics will include the personalisation of treatment, which has been made possible by the therapeutic flexibility of replacement therapy, and “engagement”, the patient’s active involvement in the management of his/her therapy. These last two aspects, in particular, have the main aim of achieving both the best possible efficacy in terms of disease management and the best quality of life for haemophilia patients.


Lastly, the event will end with the testimony of the doctor and activist Gino Strada, founder of Emergency, who will deal with the controversial topic of access to treatment, a challenge that is still current today and is not merely confined to haemophilia, which is why it deserves to be dealt with on a global level.


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